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Any business collapse will impact on the personal lives of those involved - directors, shareholders, employees, creditors, etc. Even Family businesses that have been in business for several generations are not immune from collapse, but with the failure of a family business, it is likely that the family members will experience greater impact or disruption, both socially and economically.

accountantsRus can assist in structuring a business such that the impact of any business failure is minimised in terms of personal assets and family circumstances. We provide personal and individual advice as there is no "blanket" or "standard" structure which will suit every circumstance.

accountantsRus members will tailor asset protection measures in light of such legislation as the Corporations Law, Income Tax Assessment Act, Family Law Act and the Bankruptcy Act and consider Family Law aspects to protect all the family members in the event of divorce or family dislocation resulting from, among other things, a family business failure.

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