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Golden rules when selling your home

Mar 10, 2008

  1. Less is more – cluttered homes don’t look inviting. Only have a minimum amount of items in each room to create an illusion that the house is bigger. Put away the 20 year old spoon collection.
  2. Make the first impressions count – have the front garden neat and tidy. Buy some new plants if required. Remove any old lifeless shrubs and take any unwanted rubbish to the tip.
  3. Flowers – a nice vase full of bright colourful flowers and aromatic candles creates a nice environment as they walk through the house
  4. Make a cake – it may sound strange but the smell of fresh baking (and the smell of freshly brewed coffee) gives positive feelings to the prospective buyer when they walk through the house
  5. Spend it in the kitchen – if you are going to spend money then update the kitchen. You can modernize a dated kitchen with changing cabinet handles and a coloured glass splashback.
  6. Light it up – turn on the lights even if its beaming outside … but make sure you use lamps & soft lighting instead of bright bulbs. Also get rid of the dated light fittings
  7. Hire it – compliment your rooms by hiring new modern furniture. It will look a lot better than your old tattered lounge.
  8. Just right – make sure that the room temperature is comfortable. A house too cold is uninviting as is a sweltering one on a hot summer day.
  9. Don’t paint the town red – a fresh lick of paint on the walls does wonders come selling time but make sure that you choose neutral colours as it creates an illusion of space. Strong colours can be confrontational.

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