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11 ways to reduce your mobile phone bill

Oct 25, 2009

  1. Use the home phone – sometimes mobiles are way too convenient … don't get lazy if the phone is only a room or two away. If you are out, wait til you get home to make the call. Some home phones are now wireless.
  2. Don't talk forever – stop being a chatterbox & keep your calls short. If you know you are going to have a long call then use a landline.
  3. Use off-peak services – call school friends in cheaper times … some carriers even have these calls free but don't run over the time limit!!
  4. Link the family phones – talk within the family for free
  5. Stop unnecessary SMS – Teenagers are terrible in having SMS conversations that go on forever with not much actual information being exchanged. Cheaper to pick up the phone instead!
  6. Talk to your mobile provider – ask if there is a more suitable plan for you. Also consider bundling your phone and internet services. Invariably you end up with a better deal.
  7. Pre-paid rather than plans – ideal for the kids to stop them from racking up high bills & helps give them learn to budget
  8. Use your PIN – use this function to stop teenagers using your phone when they run out of credit ... just don't tell them what it is!
  9. Don't take your mobile everywhere – It's not Amex ... it's ok to leave home without it ... really!
  10. Talk over the internet – use email, chatrooms or Skype
  11. Don't use mobile overseas – use overseas carriers and pay their local rates instead. Or buy a phone card if you want to call family & friends back at home.

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