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10 great petrol saving tips

Sep 10, 2008

  1. Use public transport - not only do you save money in transport costs each week, but you are not reliant on the accident gods having an impact on your arrival time
  2. Walk ­ stop being lazy, do some exercise & walk rather than hopping into the car to go down the road. Acts as a disincentive of buying too much if you know that you have to carry the bags home.
  3. Car pool – why drive 2 cars when one car can do the job. Makes for a quicker trip during peak times as you can use the T2 Transit lanes.
  4. Drive a smaller car – get rid of the petrol guzzling V8 and opt for a more economical car. Do you really need a 4WD in suburbia? Fitting into those smaller parking spots is a bonus.
  5. Off-peak driving – avoid the traffic congestation in the peak hour by planning your travel during the quieter times of the day.
  6. Claim a tax deduction – if you use your car for work purposes then keep a log book and claim a bit back from the taxman at tax time. Every little bit helps.
  7. Take the lead out of your foot – the quicker you speed up & slow down, the quicker you are reaching for the purse.
  8. Put the window down – we are all guilty of having the air conditioner on during summer, but fresh air from the window is just as effective at times and saves you money.
  9. Pump them up – flat tyres makes the engine work just that little bit harder. The guys at the service station will happily pump up your tyres for free in exchange for a smile.
  10. Shop around – there are many websites that provide a daily list of cheap petrol outlets. Stay tuned for the National Fuel Watch scheme announced in the Federal Budget.

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