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  • Simple Tax Calculator

    This tool will help you to calculate the tax you owe on your taxable income. It will not calculate any: Medicare levy Medicare levy surcharge Higher education contribution scheme (HECS) , or Student financial supplement scheme (SFSS) liabilities you may have.

  • Comprehensive Tax Calculator

    You can use this calculator for an estimate of your tax refund or debt for the 2003-04 and 2004-05 income years. It will estimate your tax payable and will also calculate: Medicare levy Medicare levy surcharge Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) debt, and any tax offsets that may apply.

  • Medicare Levy Calculator

    This calculator will provide an estimate of your Medicare levy, taking into account any entitlement to a reduction or exemption. The Medicare levy surcharge will also be calculated if applicable.


  • HECS Voluntary Repayment Calculator

    This calculator gives you an estimate of: the bonus you will get when you make your voluntary repayment towards your higher education debt, and the amount of your higher education debt after your voluntary repayment has been applied.

  • SFSS Repayment Calculator

    The SFSS repayment calculator provides you with an estimate of your compulsory Financial Supplement repayment. Your compulsory Financial Supplement repayment amount is automatically calculated when your tax return is processed and is based on your taxable income.

  • HECS

    The HECS repayment calculator provides you with an estimate of your compulsory HECS repayment.

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